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Customer Service

Just to make things easier for you
Our regional commercial and technical managers, as well as your internal client manager, make it their mission to be good listeners, resourceful, adaptable and prepared.


A highly qualified team
In order to provide you with high-quality service, all KAWNEER personnel are trained in ABS methods (Arconic Business System). Focused on building successful business relations, each player is perfectly equipped to manage clients' needs:

  • listening
  • logistics
  • manufacture
  • organisation
  • credit...


Regular meetings in your workplace
Through scheduled visits with your technical and commercial staff, we provide our expertise in the following fields:

  • production
  • design
  • use of computer tools
  • new innovations
  • definition of common commercial actions (requirements)


One single resource person to listen to your needs
Within our commercial service department, you will always deal with the same client manager, who takes your orders, organises your deliveries and centralises all your requests. Your preferred representative will find solutions to logistical issues and will direct you to our technical and computer specialists.


Administrative documentation adapted to your needs
The flexibility of our computer system allows your designated commercial assistant to customise administrative documentation and adapt the specified communication system. The assistant will transmit all your personalised documentation, by e-mail, fax or regular mail:

  • acknowledgement of receipt of orders
  • order book
  • delivery truck load status
  • billing status...


Development support
In order to present the aesthetic and technical qualities of your millwork to your clients, architects and contractors, we offer the following powerful marketing tools:

  • commercial product literature
  • product literature for the general public
  • sample cases
  • display modules
  • colour charts...

Our Marketing Communication Department can work with you on your communication projects to develop customised support and to advise you on your company's commercial development.

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