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Logistics: our specialists are at your service.
With extensive experience in production and the management of the flow of goods at national and international level, our logistical team can arrange and organise all your deliveries on a daily basis.


The right product, at the right time:

  • more than 10,000 m2 of storage space,
  • stock is constantly assessed and analysed following the ABS method (Arconic Business System),
  • all series are permanently available in the following shades: RAL 9010, Maroon 1247, natural shades. Additionally, certain key two-toned products and RAL 1015 products are always available
  • high adaptability in specified shades.


Your deliveries are organised to take into account your demands
In order to provide you with the maximum convenience in delivery of your orders, we work with you on all the necessary logistical matters.


We adapt our delivery systems to:

  • your handling methods,
  • your storage system,
  • your scheduling requirements.


A reliable and flexible delivery schedule
Depending on your organisation, you can choose between:

  • weekly deliveries, with day and time specified (KAWNEER trucks),
  • 48-hour Express Delivery (daily departures).


And knowing how to give you a hand when you need one is part of the service:

  • removal of goods from the loading deck,
  • addition of urgent orders at the next-to-last minute.


Rapid and efficient delivery of your orders
All deliveries are organised to facilitate unloading and location at your premises:

  • double-wall corrugated carton,
  • 80kg max. package weight,
  • trucks have removable covers and package delivery ramp,
  • packing list,
  • location labels on each package (including identification of your sites, your orders as well as references, colours and quantities contained in each package).


Continuous improvement
We are committed to continual improvement of the Client/Supplier relationship. Any issues are recorded, classified and analysed daily.  Established indicators ensure our logistical activity is constantly monitored for improved quality in:

  • our deliveries,
  • our production methods,
  • our suppliers.

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