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See Kawneer France's products in action. Our products have been used to achieve a wide-variety of designs from the dramatic to the functional.

Espace Jaures; A.U.4.G Architectes

Commercial Buildings

Dramatic design and functionality come together in commercial projects that employ our wide-range of products.

Collège de Porto-Vecchio, Corse; MARCELLESI/SENI

Education Buildings

Schools, universities and nurseries are increasingly using aluminium joinery to create a pleasant workplace with a modern look.

Habitat individuel, St. Georges, France

Multiple-occupancy and individual residences

Individual and multiple-occupancy residential projects can benefit from our high-performance and clean designs.

Bibliothèque Municipale, Marseille, France; AFA

Public Buildings

Not limited in their applications, our products have made their way into buildings that defy categorization.

Immeuble Futura, St.-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

Service Sector and Industry

Created to last a lifetime, office buildings employ our products to achieve pleasant work environments and long-lasting design statements.

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