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Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

Kawneer aluminum curtain wall systems are in keeping with the architecture:
Filigree elegance combined with high functionality and great design freedom with maximum variability in the implementation.  These features draw consistently through our product lines, making it easier to implement ideas to the planners and also reduce the installation time for the fabricator.


Kawneer aluminum window systems range from simple window to complex window light bands of all designs and colors. In these systems, you will find a solution for every task.  Uniform construction depths allow a discreet and simple integration into our curtain wall or kawneer door systems.


Kawneer aluminum door systems are available in versions AA 720 (with 72 mm construction depth) and AA 611 (with 67 mm construction depth). Both versions are available as the basic type or - in the same look - available as a highly insulating version or with integrated fire protection.

Lifting/Sliding doors

Lifting/Sliding System

The Kawneer aluminum lifting/sliding system was developed with costumers, for customers.  Here again, the system concept of our brand has continued. Whether free-standing or in combination with windows and doors, this system leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design or function. The ideal balance of aesthetics and performance.

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