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      AA 720 FR (fire resistand)

      Aluminum - fire resistand door - system for EI 30 (T30) requirements for indoor and outdoor applications.

      Product Features

      Our new aluminum fire resistand door AA 720 FR combines light and openness with high security and efficient protection against personal injury and property damage with the fire protection class EI2 30 (T30).


      The system can be used inside buildings and outside as a door or glazing. An excellent alternative to existing solutions.


      Technical Data
      - tested values:

      • t-element 4.500 x 3.500 mm
      • 2-leaves doors: each leaf 1.400 x 3.000 mm
      • 1-leaves doors: each leaf 1.400 x 3.000 mm
      • EI 30 glazing: height 4.000 mm, width unlimited

      - fire resistand glasses an isolation fire resistand glasses correspond to the tests
      - door bottom with and without lowering floor seal
      - fastening to concrete, masonry, gas concrete, frame walls

      Quality tests
      - EI 30 (T30) 1+2 door (RS)
      - EI 30 (T30) fixed glazing
      - EW 30-1+2 door (RS)
      - long-term functional test DIN EN 11991 and 4108-18 class: C5
      - smoke resistance doors DIN EN 1634-3 and 18095 class: SM
      - fire resistand galzing DIN EN 1364-1
      - fire resistance test DIN EN 1634-1 class: EI2 30
      - requirements for escape door systems:

      • emergency exits DIN EN 179
      • anti-panic doors DIN EN 1125

      - system tests such as AA 720 standard door

      Special features
      - modular system structure: fire resistance, smoke resistance, insulation
      - inside and outside installation (glazing with Ug = 1,0 W/m²K possible)
      - Kawneer system concept: same profiles, connectors, accessories and fittings as standard door AA 720
      - various profiles variants – frames, leaves, muntins, static muntins and rebate adaptors
      - fittings: e.g. rolling hinges, standard door hinges, pushbar, bar handle, door closers, single and multiple locks
      - frames and leaves without inserts for faster fabrication and lower weight

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