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      AA 1020

      The economic aluminium - system for terrace roofs and carports

      Product Features

      The KAWNEER architecture system AA 1020 is an economical complete aluminium profile system for terrace roofs and Carports.
      Different execution variants are simply and quick to be realized. The roof slope is variable of 5º - 45 º and can be equipped additionally with a sunshade system and a lighting installation in according with catalogue documents. By the combination options with steel modules an economic execution is ensured also with large spans.
      The eaves finishing is executable with and without projection end. Sides and fronts can be combined by elements such as windows, doors and/or fixed glazings with the KAWNEER architecture system AA 521.
      Three different gasket systems, with appropriate glazing variants are available. The standard glazing bead, the new developed Softline glazing bead or the likewise new developed outside glazing gasket.
      Windowpanes or bride plates with special glazing gaskets can be used alternatively. All necessary accessories as well as processing assistance belong to the delivery program.
      We recommend to calculate the static preliminary e.g. by the KKP static software or by a structural analyst.
      The software developed in cooperation with KKP, contains the modules statistic preliminary, calculation, offer, and the presentation of the terrace roof AA 1020 in a digitized building picture.

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