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      AA 3572 Lifting/Sliding System

      • 2- and 3-track designs with up to 6 leaves
      • different types
      • leaves weights up to kg

      Product Features

      Our new aluminum lifting/sliding system AA 3572 doesn`t just offer excellent thermal insulation, but is also cost-effective and quick to work with. According do you needs, the number of components was specifically kept low. Light, openness, and a special sense of space unit with demanding technical details. Also the lifting/sliding door is compatible with the Kawneer window and door system AA 720.
      Technical data
      • excellence insulation (UD-values down to 0,8 W/m²K)
      • leaves measurements up to 3.000 x 3.000 mm
      • leaves weights up to 400 kg
      • 2- and 3-rack designs with up to 6 leaves
      • glazing thicknesses up to 56 mm
      • safe load support by mew fitting arrangement

      Quality tests
      • air permeability test: DIN EN 12207, class: 4
      • watertightness: DIN EN 12208, class: bis 9A
      • resistand to windload: DIN EN 12210, class: C3
      • operating forces: DIN EN 13115, class: 1
      • mechanical durability: DIN EN 12400, class: 3
      • mechanical stress DIN EN 13115, class: 4

      Special features
      • cost effective and quick fabrication due to low number of components
      • barrier free passage
      • fixed section can also be installed without leaves profiles
      • slim profiles views – only72 mm in labyrinth area
      • labyrinth area optimized with respect to insulation and functionality and two different sideline (narrow/wide)

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