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Cologne, Germany

Products Used:
AA 100, AA 720 HI

The Ferrari car dealership of Maranello stands on about 20.000 m² of land. The building is situated on an embankment so that it projects over the lot for an overview of the extensive range of outbuildings. The three-sided building complex consists of exhibition halls, workshops, and an administrative building, grouped together around a central atrium. Another long wing of the building, housing administration and a warehouse, lies parallel to a path lined with beech trees. To provide a uniform appearance for all these buildings, particular value was placed on the use of identical materials. This was achieved in particular by the use of the KAWNEER AA 100 curtain wall System, the KAWNEER AA 720 HI window/door system, and the terra cotta brick facing of the facades.

Ferrari Cologne [503]

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