Department of Energy Project
Traco Advanced Framing System


In 2005, Traco entered into a co-operative agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE) that required the development of an advanced aluminum Framing System for windows and doors that would contribute to the Zero Energy initiative goals established by the DOE.



For greater energy savings, a window’s aluminum frame can be thermally improved, using next generation thermal breaks, highly insulating aerogel foam filling in frame cavities, and innovative low-emittance coatings to reduce radiative heat transfer. In addition to super thermal performance, such framing systems also provide much better condensation resistance and thermal comfort.



The framing design project resulted in:
Highly insulated frames with improved thermal performance
Break and cavity insulation
Development of low-e interior paint
The project was completed in 2009
Today, Traco and the DOE continue their collaboration on developing energy saving solutions

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