Energy Efficiency & Thermal Performance

Our portfolio of thermal and solar products delivers optimum energy performance without compromising aesthetics. From entrances and framing systems to windows and curtain wall systems, Kawneer offers strong and versatile solutions that reduce energy demand and environmental impact — conserving valuable natural resources. Our high-thermal products are engineered to regulate temperatures in both extremely hot and extremely cold environments, keeping the temperature on the outside, out. Our Photovoltaic (PV) products, which create on-site renewable energy, capture and convert light energy from the sun into electricity. Our other sunshade products work to shade interiors, reducing solar heat gain. Designed for easy installation, many of our products help conserve energy while providing climate, wind and acoustic protection — all solid choices suitable for most any building application.


A great example of these products in action is the rooftop at Kawneer’s manufacturing facility in Visalia, California. This rooftop features a PV solar-power system, which fulfills 80% of the facility's electricity needs during peak periods. Because the system generates clean, reliable and affordable solar electricity on an industrial scale, everyone benefits – our company, the community and the environment as a whole.


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