Healthcare facilities need to promote health and well-being while supporting a healthier bottom line through reduced operating expenses. From converting light energy from the sun into electricity, to reducing solar heat gain, our range of sun control products helps increase energy efficiency and keeps occupants comfortable as they heal.


Natural light and ventilation: Our windows, overhead glazing and curtain wall systems enable healthcare facilities to maximize natural daylight, while also improving indoor air quality by providing controllable natural ventilation and air circulation. Studies show natural light speeds up the body’s healing process and promotes health.1 Adequate exposure to light has been shown to enhance health and well-being for both patients and staff. Light exposure can reduce depression among patients, improve sleep and circadian rhythms, resulting in less pain for patients, and improve adjustment to night-shift work among staff.2  In addition, proper ventilation can increase indoor comfort, reduce germ transmission and control exposure to airborne toxins.


Occupant comfort: Additionally, our aluminum finishes provide high-performance durability and scratch resistant surfaces that can be easily cleaned to ensure pristine hygiene in healthcare facilities. Our windows and curtain wall systems are designed to limit solar heat gain and provide low thermal transmittance, improving indoor comfort. High-performance design also reduces noise transmission, providing a quieter, more pleasing acoustic atmosphere.


Sustainable building certification: Our sustainable products can help contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) points across several categories and assist schools in achieving certification and promote integrated, whole-building design practices


Safety and Protection: Protecting patients, families and staff is of paramount importance in healing environments. Many of our products have been stringently tested for hurricane resistance for both large and small missile impacts and blast-tested to ASTM standards. Our entrances are engineered for strength and security and feature panic exit devices for crowded buildings, allowing quick emergency egress as well as controlled user access. ADA compliant solutions protect patients, families and staff from potential hazards.


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2 Anjali Joseph, Ph.D. “Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings.” The Center for Health Design.

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