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History of Kawneer - 1906



Patents Store-front construction 820,438 / 837,640 / 846,343 Pertaining to the production of a small, unobtrusive and durable Sash-bar and the portion of construction surrounding and supporting the window glass. These innovations changed the face of main street U.S.A., changed the face of architecture, and to this day influences architectural design worldwide.
The Cornerstone Of Our Company
Sales activity and customer response to the Kawneer store-front was so tremendous that it interfered with the development and manufacture of other products such as showcase.


From the beginning, Kawneer became pre-eminent in the use of roller dies to produce metal shapes. Francis Plym became one of the foremost authorities in the U.S. on the design and the use of rolling machine dies and the heat-treating of metals for roller shaping.




Kawneer developed the first metal air frame sections used in American aircraft. For this achievment, Kawneer was officially commended by the War Department.




Francis Plym and Kawneer developed a new threshold consisting of a corrugated threshold and a cooperating wing mounted on the door, designed for the purpose of keeping out snow, rain, wind and the like.

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