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History of Kawneer - 1920




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1st Use Of Aluminum In Architectural Products
Kawneer was the first manufacturer to use aluminum in architectural products. The transition to aluminum as the primary metal used for architectural moldings, occurred for several reasons. The two metals typically used before had inherent limitations. Bronze was difficult to manufacture with, and was very costly. Copper was too soft, with inadequate structural strength to handle applications such as doors and curtain walls. The patina changes uncontrollably, and copper was also costly. Aluminum provided a contemporary bright finish, is light weight, strong, easy to use, and economical when compared to the other metals. The use of aluminum still is the primary metal of choice today.


These were the years of ornate buildings, and the Kawneer catalog for 1927 showed the trend. Displaying elaborate bronze grills and metal soffit construction. But it never lost sight of its staple store front material. Accounting for two-thirds of its volume and a far greater share of the profits that year

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