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History of Kawneer - 1930




During the 1930's
Faced with financial ruin, in 1933, the company was bailed out by its founder, Francis Plym's personal funds. Francis Plym did not hesitate to stake his all on the company. It was not until 1937 that the company could pay him back. By then the worst was over.


Sash & Bar
This system design incorporated interchangeable parts making it a more universal and versatile product. Installation was quicker and simpler than earlier designs.


Free wheeling bicycle
Always a tinkerer, Francis Plym racked up more than 100 patents from his imagination including this one for a "free wheeling vehicle." This invention allowed a child to be seated on the vehicle and use the handle as a means of propelling the vehicle. One of the unique features of this design was a clutch that would disengage and allow continued movement under its own momentum.



By 1937, Kawneer was doing about 75% of its store front business in aluminum and was the largest American user of aluminum for architectural purposes. Modern design of the 1930's abandoned ornamentation for a simpler, cleaner style.

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