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History of Kawneer - 1940





The War Years
Kawneer dedicated its resources and supported our nation's efforts by producing war materials including aircraft parts. Kawneer made no storefronts from 1942 to 1945.

"Rosie the Riveter" helped wartime Kawneer produce over 300 different aircraft subassemblies



Every inch of the Kawneer plant was devoted to making airplane parts. Inboard rib assemblies, compression ribs, fuel tank supports, tail rib assemblies, flap controls, nacelle hangers, circumfrential rings, and glycol tank assemblies are some of the parts it made for sixty-six different customers.

Kawneer Store Fronts of Tomorrow Competition
This Kawneer Architectural Competition revealed interesting new trends to a Jury consisting of such prominent architects as Mies van der Rohe, Frederick Bigger, Morris Ketchum Jr., Samuel E. Lunden, William Lescaze, Kenneth Reid and Roland A. Wank. The result, Kawneer Store Fronts of Tomorrow, designs representing the most advanced thinking in the industry and profession. Kawneer's production facilities which had been devoted 100% to the war effort, again were directed to the manufacture of superior store front construction.






The PostWar Era
Kawneer's new postwar line of architectural metal products once again brought a new look to Main street America. Aiming at the vision of the modern store - clean, bright, functional and efficient; based on the principle that the store is a machine for selling.




Stock Door
This represented the 1st extruded profiles for doors. In the past, doors were typically manufactured utilizing roller dies. Additionally, these were the 1st entrances offered in standard stock sizes. Customers could now choose from a stock or custom built entrance.


Anodized Aluminum Finishes
Kawneer was one of the first Architectural Building Products manufacturers to begin anodizing, quickly becoming the industry standard. While the anodizing process has changed considerably in the last 50 years, moving forward from the etch & lacquer and mechanical finish processes, anodized finishes continue to be a Kawneer standard.

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