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History of Kawneer - 1950



First butt-joint welded door
The welded door utilized the strongest weld ever used, resulting in a door that was lighter, cleaner, and fully 10% stronger than the typical mitered and welded doors of the period. This new welded door construction enabled the use of narrow tubular extrusions due to the location of the hidden weld area, and its lack of external surface discoloration. A true innovation in entrance design and manufacturing.




Kawneer Company Canada, Limited is formed
In 1953, a Canadian Subsidiary, Kawneer Company Canada, Limited was formed, and a new plant built in Toronto to serve the Canadian Market. In 1955 a second facility was added in Canada by the acquisition of Weatherstone Windows, Limited, whose basic product is metal walls for building skin.




First unitized curtain wall
The Kawneer Unit Wall was a new idea in curtain wall construction using factory assembled wall sections for one and two story buildings. This ensured high quality and facilitated quick erection on the job site.




Narrow Line Framing
Kawneer developed the 1st flush glazed mullion system. This framing system consisted of standard size extruded members utilizing easy-to-use adapters and vinyl "roll-on" glazing gaskets. This system provided the installer with a neater and faster method, resulting in installation which was 30% faster than previous glazing methods.





Concealed Overhead Door closer
This Kawneer design was quite a departure from typical closer installations. The concealed overhead closer offered a clean, sleek, sheer appearance and broke ranks from the traditionally visible, surface mounted closers of the day.

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