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History of Kawneer - 1960



Core Wall Framing System
Interchangeable profiles made it easy to offer multiple depth options, and greatly reduced Dealer inventory requirements. This design was the precursor of the NuCORE and EnCORE framing system, concepts still in use today.


Dual Moment Corner Construction
A sigma deep penetrating weld at each web joint of the door, in conjunction with a reinforcing channel created unsurpassed mechanical and welded strengths. The 1st construction use of its type, this fabrication method provided exceptional strength and durability. So strong, in fact, we continue its use today and it is the basis of our lifetime warranty for Kawneer doors.



Pressure Equalization
Kawneer's first fully tested pressure equalization system eliminated water build-up in the sill due to air pressure differences, by equalizing sill pressure with that of the outside air.


Sliding Mall Fronts
Kawneer engineers created the first stackable sliding store front to run on casters for interior mall applications. Previous designs utilized a top hung door which often hung up and stuck with great frequency. The sliding mall front opened the front of the store making goods easily accessible to customers and enticing them to enter the store.




Ventrow® Concealed Ventilator
The first concealed ventilating system within its own frame. Whether opened or closed, the Ventrow Ventilator did not change the outward appearance of the window and allowed continuous ventilation while being impervious to inclement weather.


Entara® Entrance
The first monumental architectural entrance system of its type; allowing the design professional to actually design the door from standard entrance components. This highly architectural entrance provided maximum flexibility and durability while offering a multitude of high performance design options.

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