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History of Kawneer - 1970





Seamless Mullion
The Seamless Mullion Framing System was the first recta-linear, window framing system providing a seamless appearance at the mullion line. The glass was set to the front providing a shear and flush appearance, again setting the standard for the architectural trends of the period.


I-Line® Framing
An innovative, flush glazed framing system with a featured, 1 inch sight line. Previous framing systems allowed for a 1-3/4 inch sight line due to cumbersome glazing pockets. The I-line system incorporated a narrow stile entrance to compliment the 1 inch sight line of the framing system. The product's innovation lay in the unique flush glazing feature incorporated into the 1 inch narrow framing system.




Insulclad® Entrance
The Insulclad 260 Door was Kawneer's first insulated architectural aluminum door. This entrance was an answer to building design and energy efficiency concerns stemming from the energy crisis that gripped the nation, during this period. The Insulclad Entrance was a thermally improved version of the standard Kawneer door.

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