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Building Peace of Mind with Hurricane Resistant Solutions

Nature can create high-impact damage that poses a threat to a facility’s integrity and occupants’ wellbeing; that’s why we’ve developed a range of products designed to withstand the wrath of hurricanes and help provide increased protection throughout the year. Whether new construction or retrofit applications, Kawneer helps build a legacy around defending against damage and devastation, helping protect what’s inside. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most.


To learn more about the hurricane resistant products we offer CLICK HERE.

Hurricane Resistant Solutions

Building on Knowledge: Thermal Barrier Technologies

Aluminum is a remarkably versatile construction material; however, its thermal conductivity can pose a challenge. Fortunately, Kawneer offers a variety of thermal barrier technologies to help combat this attribute. In this video, we discuss the thought Kawneer puts into leveraging thermal barrier technologies in their product designs. 


To learn more about some of the thermal technologies we use CLICK HERE to view a pdf of our Thermal Technology brochure.


Building on Knowledge: Thermal Barrier Technology

Building  Legacies with Kawneer: Alexan on 8th

In the multifamily market occupant demands and funding criteria influence property design and decision-making more than ever before.  The Alexan on 8th is a great example of a property thoughtfully designed to respond to these multifamily market influences. Kawneer’s Market Segment Manager, Sarah Andreasen discusses design considerations on the topic.

Building  Legacies with Kawneer: Alexan on 8th


Inspiring Façade Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, assisted living homes, and urgent care centers; our health is our most valuable asset, and these buildings provide the care we need. High-performing healthcare facilities build strong communities, and Kawneer can help design them to enhance occupant wellness to benefit patients and staff. We are committed to providing façade solutions that deliver greater performance, protection, and productivity, so we can help build a legacy around healthcare facilities that truly promote healing.

Inspiring Façade Solutions for Healthcare Faciliti


Inspiring Façade Solutions for Multifamily & Office Buildings

Apartments and condos, office towers and workplace headquarters. These buildings serve an array of functions. And, for the modern, urban individual, they’re the center of daily life.


Kawneer is committed to providing façade solutions that deliver greater performance, protection, and productivity, so we can help build a legacy that puts occupant wellness at the forefront of design.

Inspiring Façade Solutions for Multifamily & Offic


Inspiring Façade Solutions for Education

Preschools, grade schools, colleges and universities, training facilities and research laboratories. For most of the day, these buildings grow and develop our future engineers, artists, doctors, and architects. They stand as neighborhood landmarks that house our most prized possessions.


See how Kawneer can help with accessibility, security, daylighting and other factors that go into designing today’s educational facilities.

Inspiring Façade Solutions for Education


IsoPourTM Thermal Break

Kawneer redefines thermal technology by merging industry-proven pour and debridge thermal breaks with polymer isolator technologies. The new technology creates thermally broken assemblies for enhanced building energy efficiencies with higher structural performance, giving architects, designers and building owners more opportunities to bring their vision to life.

IsoPour™ Thermal Break


Building Legacies – Market Segments

Building on the past to advance the future. Kawneer solutions draw on a long history of innovation to create next-generation technologies that inspire architects, contractors and glaziers to create buildings with better performance, protection and productivity. Bringing façade innovations to life for offices, multifamily, education healthcare and more. At Kawneer we are always building. Build your legacy.

Building Legacies – Market Segments


Infinite Possibilities

Innovative façades for inspired building designs around the world. With Kawneer, infinite possibilities and innovative design solutions for today, for tomorrow, for life. Explore our dynamic array of innovative solutions for renovation and new construction. Together we build infinite possibilities.

Infinite Possibilities


Solector® Sun Shading Estimator

The Solector® Sun Shading Estimator is a graphical interface tool to estimate and compare thermal performance of glazing and framing systems (for curtain walls and storefronts) with various types of Kawneer solar protection devices on the façade.

Solector® Sun Shading Estimator
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