Buildings are for the people that are in them, and we strive to provide beautiful solutions that deliver the performance and aesthetics required by today’s multifamily and mixed-use applications.


Trends in façade design: Take a look at increased energy efficiency, streamlined aesthetics, and healthier indoor environments, three of the trends driving office and multifamily design and see how they translate to exterior façade elements.  Interact now


Trends in façade design: Office and Multifamily


Occupant comfort: Keeping occupants comfortable year-round is paramount, with systems engineered to help control temperatures in both extremely hot and extremely cold environments. Options for double and triple glazing provide increased acoustic comfort to allow building occupants to enjoy natural views while reducing noise intrusion.


Natural light and ventilation: Our best-in-class architectural systems and products are engineered to achieve balance in desired aesthetics, performance and cost-effectiveness required in today’s urban buildings. Window wall systems and balcony doors, which can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the systems, put skylines within immediate reach. Additionally, our windows provide increased natural daylight and improved airflow, reducing HVAC costs while providing enhanced views of the outdoors.


Safety and Protection: To respond to current market demands, our innovative systems and products combine high thermal performance, energy efficiency, hurricane resistance and blast mitigation. Additionally, we offer a range of ADA compliant solutions to help protect families and staff from potential hazards.


The increasing demand for multifamily housing is most evident among younger and older renters. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, the number of millennial renters preferring multifamily options will double by 2025.1


Sustainable building certification: Our sustainable products help contribute to LEED® points across several categories and assist buildings in achieving certification and promote integrated, whole-building design practices. And, Kawneer’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) offer an additional level of transparency.


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1 America’s Rental Housing – "Expanding Options for Diverse and Growing Demand.” Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

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