Traco NEXGEN Energy Spacer™ is a warm edge glass spacer system. This non-metallic airspacer provides high performance heat insulation and is considered the ultimate “warm-edge” technology available in the industry.


Proven Technology

Since 1996, leading architects have been specifying warm edge glass spacer units and leading glass fabricators in Europe, Asia, and North America have manufactured IGU’s using the warm edge glass spacer technology. Successful projects have been completed worldwide from New York, NY to Helsinki, Finland. Warm edge glass spacer units have been certified to meet the requirements of the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) for compliance with ASTM E 2190 and have also passed numerous test requirements and standards in various other countries.


The Benefits of the Traco NEXGEN Energy Spacer™ System include

  • Improved Gas Retention — A major benefit of the NexGen Energy Spacer™ is the improvement of gas retention when compared to a conventional silicone
    sealed IG unit.
  • Thermal performance — Reduced U values in standard IGU’s of up to 12% when compared to a conventional IGU with a metallic spacer.
  • Quality — A fully automated production line provides a highly efficient and controlled production environment.
  • Resistance — The extruded non-metallic spacer provides an excellent moisture vapor barrier for the IGU as well as providing an optimal seal against gas loss.
  • Stability — The spacer provides a flexible, yet stable seal that will tolerate volatile thermal stresses and wind loads.
  • Versatility — Shapes can be produced with the same exacting standards as a conventional shape.
  • Aesthetics — An improved visual appearance is attained
    when using the extruded non-metallic spacer. The spacer
    may actually reflect the color of the frame for an
    enhanced appearance.


Traco Technical Support

To answer any technical questions regarding Traco Windows and Doors, please feel free to contact the Technical Support Group at 1-800-860-0777.
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