Traco NEXGEN Thermal Barrier System™ system is a thermal break built with a unique composition of glass-reinforced nylon 6/6 that provides superior strength and structural integrity. The material is extruded into a shape that effectively and economically joins two separate aluminum extrusions (the exterior and interior aluminum profiles of the window, door or curtain wall).


The Benefits of the Traco NEXGEN Thermal Barrier System™

  • Restricts heat transfer — The NexGen Thermal Barrier System provides superior insulation through increased aluminum separation and air space.
  • Dual Color / Dual Finish — Two separate extrusions are joined together allowing the exterior and interior to be finished in different colors
    and/or finishes.
  • Optimum insulation — Up to 50% better thermal insulation than
    PVC or polyurethane.
  • Quality — An automated production line provides a highly efficient, consistent and controlled production environment.


Traco Technical Support

To answer any technical questions regarding Traco Windows and Doors, please feel free to contact the Technical Support Group at 1-800-860-0777.
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