Window Product Selection Guides


Window Product Selection Guides

Kawneer products are available with a full range of glass, screen, limit lock and muntin choices. Most products can be curved to meet field conditions. In addition, most aluminum surfaces can be coated with the full range of aluminum finishes including paint conforming to AAMA 2603, AAMA 2605 or anodize conforming to AAMA 611.



Kawneer recommends that you review with your sales representative the design load, jobsite conditions and product configurations before preparing your plans and specifications, as local laws and building codes governing fenestration products vary widely and are subject to interpretation by various building team members.


Kawneer products are covered by a limited warranty, tested to AAMA voluntary specifications, and most are thermally improved to reduce condensation. Field air and water performance may vary with size changes and field conditions.


Kawneer reserves the right to change, without prior notice, these drawings and specifications, as products are constantly modified to meet project requirements. Drawings and specifications are published as a public service only, and Kawneer disclaims all liability for their use, application or adaptation.  


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