Kawneer Redefines Thermal Technology: Introducing Insulpour™ Thermal Entrances with IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology

IsoPour™ Thermal Break
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Kawneer’s IsoPour™ Thermal Break merges the industry-proven pour and debridge thermal break with polymer isolator technologies to deliver a true thermally broken assembly. Image © Kawneer Company. Inc.

9 October, 2018

Innovative New Technology Delivers Exceptional Performance and Increased Design Flexibility


NORCROSS, Georgia – Kawneer Company, Inc., the leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum products and systems for commercial construction, redefines thermal technology with the introduction of its new Insulpour™ Thermal Entrances featuring the advanced IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology. Ideal for high-end commercial and multifamily facilities, Insulpour™ Thermal Entrances offer high thermal performance, strength, and interior and exterior dual finish options for increased design flexibility.


Redefining Thermal Technology

Kawneer’s new IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology merges the industry-proven pour and debridge thermal break with polymer isolator technologies. Both the door and the frame employ the advanced IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology to create assemblies with higher structural performance, enhanced energy efficiency and greater design flexibility.


Design Flexibility

With sightlines that match non-thermal doors, the entrance is available in 250T narrow, 350T medium, and 500T wide stile options. The unique thermal break design allows for a wider selection of locking hardware than previous thermal entrance designs. Additionally, multiple cross-rail sizes and bottom rail heights are available, giving architects, designers, and building owners more opportunities to bring their vision to life.


Insulpour™ Thermal Entrances featuring IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology have undergone shock tube testing for blast mitigation and meet ASTM E1996 hurricane impact resistant requirements up to Zone 4 and Level D.


To learn more about the new IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology featured in Insulpour™ Thermally Broken Entrance, visit Kawneer.com





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