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AA®3200 Thermal Sliding Doors

  • 4-1/4" (108mm) sightline
  • 6-3/4" (171.5mm) depth
  • High thermal performance
  • Hurricane resistance
  • Exterior Application

Product Features

AA®3200 Thermal Sliding Door meets the challenges of thermal, coastal and hurricane resistant conditions.  Available in both High Performance (AA®3200HP) and Hurricane Resistant (AA®3200IR) versions, it features contemporary hardware, clean sightlines and endless configuration options.

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Key Features Include:


  • Open view slab-to-slab units that can span up to 10’ tall, providing occupants clear unobstructed views

  • A larger wheel, stainless steel tandem roller with precision ground sealed bearings, allows smooth operation of even the largest and heaviest sliding panels

  • Unique beveled profiles that create architectural shadow lines and permit a commercial product to receive mid- to high-rise residential acceptance

  • Two distinct looks – a sub-sash option for equal sightlines across the opening and a direct field glazed option for a more traditional sliding door look

  • A 2-1/4” standard sill, with 15 psf water performance, provides a smaller sightline at the interior/exterior transition
  • Coped, screw spline joinery for easier fabrication and assembly

  • Pre-glazing of the sliding panel and sub-sash fixed panel with a common glass size for quicker glazing and installation

Product Applications:

  • Meeting the challenges of high winds, heavy rain, blizzards and hurricanes, it offers a practical product solution for use on high-end condominiums, hotels and apartments
  • Fixed panels can be stacked via a common mullion to achieve even greater expanses of glass (OOXO) in addition to the standard OX, XO, OXO and OXXO openings

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