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      1600 PowerShade® Sun Shade System

      • Variable angles and depth
      • Compatible with curtain walls
      • Increases daylighting
      • Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) sunshade
      • Potential Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits

      Product Features

      Architects and building owners are increasingly recognizing the need for green building products that conserve energy and enhance building performance without compromising aesthetics. Kawneer has responded to this challenge by designing 1600 PowerShade® sun shade system, a BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) sun shade that generates solar power while also providing optimal shade in a total system/single source solution.


      The result is a classically designed sunshade that both conserves and generates energy to reduce building operating costs. Fully tested and factory fabricated, this preengineered sunshade blends solar photovoltaic technology with sleek design, easy installation and simple maintenance.


      In addition, 1600 PowerShade® sun shade system is engineered to meet rigorous structural loads while minimizing material requirements.  It is capable of shading an extremely wide range of commercial window conditions.

      Key Features Include:


      • Pre-engineered sunshade system effectively reduces solar heat gain
      • Exclusive dual-position pivot system provides optimal angle and extension for shading a facade at any geographic location
      • Produces power/reduces energy consumption and building operating cost
      • Maximizes the generation of electricity from the sun – 75 watts per bay at peak performance.

      • Based on the innovative and successful 1600 wall platform

      • Can be directly connected to 1600 Wall System®1 curtain wall, providing single-source responsibility and total system solution
      • Fully tested to rigorous standards
      • Factory fabricated
      • Available in anodized, standard and custom finishes
      • Easily installed with standard glazing procedures and equipment

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