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      InLighten® Interior Light Shelf

      • Interior shelf designed to reflect sunlight deep into building
      • Depths up to 30" (762mm)
      • Compatible with curtain walls and storefront framing
      • Increases daylighting
      • Translucent polycarbonate or opaque aluminum composite (ACM) panel options like Reynobond® Panels
      • Potential Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits

      Product Features


      Kawneer has rewritten the energy saving value equation for its architectural light shelf by using minimalist design principles. The result is a flexible and versatile solution that helps reduce the need for artificial lighting and increase energy savings in a building. At the core of their functionality, architectural light shelves are designed to reflect sunlight deeper into the interior of a building by "bouncing" natural light up to the ceiling and have been proven to reduce perimeter lighting requirements and enhance the occupant experience.



      InLighten® leverages minimal material content, sightlines, weight, installation and maintenance efforts, all while maximizing value, daylighting and design options.


      InLighten® Interior Light Shelf features an extruded aluminum chassis system and offers several panel choices. The availability of depths of up to 30" (762 mm) allows you to maximize the overall reflective surface area. The light shelf also incorporates a tilt feature for easy cleaning of the top reflective panel surface.


      The ability to attach InLighten® Interior Light Shelf to multiple Kawneer curtain wall and storefront framing systems makes it a perfect candidate for either new or retrofit projects.


      • Attaches to multiple Kawneer Curtain Wall and Storefront systems*
      • Available in depths up to a maximum size of 30 inches (762mm)
      • Translucent polycarbonate or opaque aluminum composite (ACM) panel options like Reynobond® Panels
      • Innovative design allows panels to be tilted for care and cleaning
      • Simplified installation and panel hanging operation
      • Standardized corner design creates seamless product visual without sacrificing performance
      • Designed to avoid interference with installation or operation of typical window treatments
      • Thoroughly engineered using advanced finite element analysis (FEA) modeling techniques and physical testing
      • Qualifies for up to three LEED categories
      • Extruded components can be painted or anodized

      Product Applications

      • Ideal for improving daylighting in Schools, Hospitals, Retail Locations, Offices, Banks, and Restaurants
      • Can be applied to both new or retrofit projects



      • Curtain wall system mounting mullion with face width of 2” (51 mm) or greater and wall thickness greater than 0.080” (2 mm).
      • Center or Front Set Storefront system with single piece tubular mounting mullion, with face width of 2” (51 mm) or greater and mounting mullion wall thickness greater than 0.080” (2 mm).

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