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      Versoleil® SunShade - Single Blade System - for Storefront

      • 6" (152.4mm) to 14" (355.6mm) depth
      • Compatible with storefront framing
      • Variable blade and angle options
      • Potential Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits

      Product Features

      Shades of Versatility


      The Versoleil® SunShade Single Blade System adds aesthetic appeal to any building envelope. Seamlessly incorporated into multiple storefront framing systems in horizontal configurations, the Single Blade System gives architects increased flexibility and several combinations to craft their vision. Its unique, highly configurable design with sleek blades, eight different horizontal blade angle settings and depth selections of 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" provides nearly endless possibilities to create dramatic effects, sightlines and shade lines.


      -> Learn more about Versoleil® SunShades

      Key Features Include:


      • Standardized solution for seamless integration with Trifab® VG 451/451T/451UT and IR501UT storefront framing systems
      • Innovative mounting design allows for multiple blade angles
      • Tested for combined wind, snow and dead loads
      • Multiple blade sizes ranging from 6" (152.4) to 14" (355.6) deep
      • Screw spline construction
        Qualifies for up to 3 different LEED® certification criteria
      • Design allows for thermal expansion and contraction
      • Permanodic® anodized finishes in 7 choices
      • Painted finishes in standard and custom choices
      • Shading performance can be analyzed by Solector® Sun Shading Estimator Tool


      Product Application:

      • Storefronts
      • Enclosures to hide roof mounted machine rooms or mechanical systems
      • Interior aesthetical application


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