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      • Versoleil® Sunshade - Outrigger System for Storefront
      • Versoleil® SunShade - Outrigger System - Blade Options
      • Versoleil® Sunshade - Outrigger System for Storefront
      • Versoleil® Sunshade - Outrigger System for Storefront - Anchor Detail
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      Versoleil® SunShade - Outrigger System - for Storefront

      • 30" (762mm) depth
      • Compatible with storefront framing
      • Variable blade options
      • Potential Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits

      Product Features

      Versoleil® SunShade - Outrigger System
      A Versitile Combination of Aesthetics, Performance and Energy Conservation


      The Outrigger System’s innovative construction allows designers to mix and match components while maintaining aesthetic consistency between the curtain wall and storefront elements of the building façade. The system’s standard 30" depth with outrigger arm, blade and fascia options address specific project needs and provide superior shading capabilities that reduce solar heat gain to help maximize energy savings and reduce glare.


      -> Learn more about Versoleil® SunShades

      Key Features Include:

      • Standard designs
      • Screw Spline assembly
      • Can be used with TRIFAB® VG 451/451T
        • Shear Block - 2" vertical mullion, center glazed
      • Used with TRIFABTM VG 451/451T/451UT/601/601T/601UT
        • Screw Spline - 2-1/4" vertical mullion, center glazed
      • Helps reduce building energy consumption
      • Permanodic® anodized finishes in seven standard choices
      • Painted finishes in standard and custom choices
      • Shading performance can be analyzed by Solector® Sun Shading Estimator Tool

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