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      • Woodsworth College Residence, University of Toronto, ON, Canada; architectsAlliance, ON, Canada
      • DeVry Institute of Technology, Canada; MBM Group, Canada
      • Jimm Pattison Lease/Sales Office, Canada; Rick Arnot Architect Inc, Canada
      • 516 Thermal Window
      • 518 thermal Window
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      516/518 Thermal Windows

      • 4" (101.6mm) or 5" (127mm) depth
      • Thermal performance
      • Fixed ribbon window configuration

      Product Features

      High performance Ribbon Window

      Key Features Include:


      • 14.6 mm IsoPort™ glass-reinforced nylon 6/6 thermal break provides:
        - Improved condensation resistance and thermal transmittance performance capability
        - Rigid profile with composite structural performance
        - Exterior / Interior finish options
      • Meets or exceeds the highest performance levels of CSA standard
      • CAN/CSA-A440 windows
      • Seamless coupling mullion features unbroken weather joint on exterior surface
      • Provision for thermal movement
      • Simple joinery with overlapping flanges for economical construction and good weathering capability
      • Optional full rain screen capability
      • Accommodates 1" (25 mm) sealed glazing units
      • Glass installed and replaced from interior
      • Exterior pre-shim butyl glazing tapes
      • Interior EPDM rubber glazing gaskets
      • Lock-in glass stop
      • Open-in frameless vent option
      • Companion open-out or open-in vent inserts available
      • Accepts 512 Ventrow Thermal Ventilator

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