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      MetroView® FG 501T Window Wall

      • 2-1/4" (57.2mm) sightline
      • 5" (127mm) depth
      • High thermal performance
      • Fixed ribbon window wall application

      Product Features

      Sleek, efficient and versatile. FG 501T Window Wall – the first in the MetroView® Window Wall series – packs the desired aesthetics of a curtain wall into a cost-efficient window wall system. Ideal for mid-rise commercial projects and sophisticated multifamily housing, MetroView® FG 501T Window Wall delivers the refined design features that are so popular in today’s urban and near-urban cityscapes.


      MetroView® FG 501T Window Wall offers the look of a true curtain wall with a slab-to-slab aluminum frame design. For maximum square footage in interior spaces, FG 501T Window Wall is engineered for shallow horizontal inside glazing with the glass set to the front of the system. Screw spline fabrication and joinery means easy construction and low installation costs. And for designs that put skylines within immediate reach, balcony doors can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the system. With air and water performance equal to many curtain walls and a range of aesthetic options including slab edge covers for a seamless transition between floors, MetroView® FG 501T Window Wall offers a beautiful frame for life.


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