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      • AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door - exterior side
      • AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door - interior side
      • AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door - section cut
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      AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Doors

      • 2-3/4" (69.9mm) sightline at fixed jamb
      • 3-3/4" (95.3mm) sightline at sliding panel and interlock
      • 5" (127mm) depth
      • Dual color finish capabilities
      • High thermal performance (IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology)
      • Exterior Application

      Product Features

      Delivering superior thermal performance for any type of setting, AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door with IsoPour™ Technology.


      A door for all seasons. Ask more from your door with the new AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door, featuring Kawneer’s IsoPour™ Technology. The AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door delivers superior thermal performance at a great price for any type of setting, weather conditions or building type. Built on the foundation of the high-performance AA®3200 Thermal Sliding Doors and the new IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology, the new doors are the ideal choice for architects, contractors and developers seeking reliable performance, protection and productivity for both buildings and occupants.


      The thermally broken slider and frame has a low-profile threshold option and features Kawneer’s innovative IsoPour™ Technology for top-of-the-line performance and dual color finish possibilities. The sleek 5" depth frame is designed to seamlessly connect with Kawneer’s MetroView™ Window Wall system, giving designers added flexibility no matter the application.


      IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology is a new, innovative and unique process that provides the ability to merge the industry-proven pour and debridge and polymer isolator technologies to provide thermally broken assemblies with higher structural performance and dual finish capabilities.

      Learn more about AA®3200M Thermal Sliding Door


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