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      • 1620UT Curtain Wall System
      • 1620UT SSG Curtain Wall System (structural silicone glazed)
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      1620UT/1620UT SSG Curtain Wall System

      • 2" (50.8mm) sightline
      • 6" (152.4mm) or 7-1/2" (190.5mm) depth
      • Ultra thermal performance
      • Low to mid rise application
      • Structural silicone glazed (SSG) options

      Product Features

      It’s hard to say whether the beauty of the 1620/1620 SSG (structural silicone glazed) Curtain Wall System is in the slim, sleek 2" sightline or in the performance. Built on the strength and reliability of the flagship 1600 curtain wall platform, the 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System is an excellent choice for low- to mid-rise applications.


      The 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System uses a silicone compatible elastomer thermal break and can accommodate double pane insulating glass. Glaziers and installers can leverage their previous knowledge of the 1600 Wall System™1 and 1600 Wall System™2 Curtain Wall to simplify installation. With a slimmed down sightline and design features that have been tested to U.S. and Canadian standards, the 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System lets you see less so you can see more.

      Key Features Include:

      • 1620UT is an outside glazed captured curtain wall
      • 1620UT/1620UT SSG has a 2" (50.8) sight line
      • Standard 6" (152.4) or 7-1/2" (190.5) depth systems
      • Standard infill options 1/4" (6.4) and 1" (25.4)
      • 1620UT thermally Broken by means of a continuous 1" (25.4) low conductance spacer
      • 1620UT SSG thermally Broken by means of a continuous 1/4" (6.4) low conductance spacer
      • Concealed fastener joinery creates smooth, monolithic appearance
      • Open-back horizontals and perimeters are available for cost savings
      • Shear block fabrication method
      • Corner mullions available
      • Offers integrated entrance framing systems
      • Silicone compatible glazing materials for long-lasting seals
      • Two color option
      • Permanodic™ anodized finishes in seven choices
      • Painted finishes in standard and custom choices

      Optional Features

      • Steel reinforcement available
      • Rain screen and backpans
      • Heavy-weight mullions available
      • Fiberglass pressure plates available
      • 1620UT (captured system) integrates with standard Kawneer windows and GLASSvent™ for curtain wall
      • Profit$Maker™ plus die sets available

      Product Applications

      • Ideal for low- to mid-rise applications where high performance is desired

      Learn more about 1620UT/1620UT SSG Curtain Wall system >

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