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      Enhancement - Trifab® Framing System’s New Pre-Glaze Option

      Trifab® VersaGlaze® (VG) 451 Framing System family of product offerings now include a pre-glaze option.


      Product Features

      Do More in Less Time with Trifab® framing system's New Pre-Glaze Option

      June 2020

      We have expanded our Trifab® VersaGlaze® (VG) 451 Framing System family of product offerings to now include a pre-glaze option for the existing center set screw spline assembly application. The new option is available on non-thermal, thermal and ultra-thermal frame types. Pre-glaze units can be completely fabricated and glazed in the shop, minimizing job-site costs and enhancing field-installed quality.


      Features of the Trifab® VG 451/451T Framing Systems and Trifab® 451UT Framing System pre-glaze option* include:

      1. Trifab® 451/451T/451UT Framing Systems provide the right thermal performance for your project.
      2. Tested solution enables shop fabrication and reduces field labor.
      3. Vertical mullion with 1/4" reveal provide uniform aesthetics.
      4. High-performance sill flashing and clip design reduces installation time.
      5. Composite end jamb allows for ease of installation


      *For Trifab® 451/451T/451UT Framing Systems center set screw spline applications only.


      The combination of screw spline construction with pre-glazing in the shop accelerates installation and reduces field labor time while minimizing disruption to the surrounding area or existing tenants. Making it an exceptional choice for new or retrofit applications, particularly in urban areas or where space is limited. 

      CAD details

      451/451T Framing Systems (Center Plane, Screw Spline)
      451UT Framing System

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