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      • Corporate Office Tower, Houston, TX
      • Corporate Office Tower, Houston, TX
      • Cathedral Place, WI, USA; Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz, IL, USA
      • Cathedral Place, WI, USA; Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz, IL, USA
      • 2500 PG (Pre-Glaze) Wall® Curtain Wall System
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      2500 PG Wall® Curtain Wall System

      • 2-1/2" (63.5mm) sightline
      • 7-1/2" (190.5mm) depth
      • Structural silicone glazed (SSG) options
      • Unitized, preglazed and fabricated system
      • Hurricane resistance

      Product Features

      Today's fast paced construction schedules demand it all – high quality, fast installation, simplified fabrication, superior performance and design flexibility.  As budgets continue to tighten and on-site space or skilled labor become more scarce, Kawneer’s unitized solutions balance the need for rapid close-in with design aesthetics, durability and structural integrity. 


      Kawneer’s 2500 PG Wall® Curtain Wall System is a unitized solution engineered to meet these criteria and more.  It is offered in a wide range of options that can be customized to each project.  Whether you prefer stock length, fabricated or pre-assembled and pre-glazed – this is a unitized solution, the way you want it.


      2500 PG Wall® Curtain Wall System offers the flexibility to meet range of budgets, worker availability and timelines: 

      • Stock lengths offer glazing contractors the flexibility of providing fabrication and pre-glazing under controlled conditions in their own shop.

      • Factory fabricated units can help meet tight construction schedules when there is a lack of necessary manpower or equipment.

      • The ideal option to ease timeline pressures, pre-assembled and pre-glazed units ensure quality control and increased productivity for almost any size or configuration.


      Learn more about 2500 PG Wall® Curtain Wall System


      Key Features Include:

      • Unitized construction accelerates installation, reducing field labor costs

      • 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" (63.5 x 190.5) profile
      • Available systems include:
        - Four-Sided Captured
        - Vertical SSG (Structural Silicone Glazed)
        - Horizontal SSG
        - Four-sided SSG
      • Suitable for new construction or remodel
      • Fully tested including thermal and acoustic
      • Provided with full engineering documentation and support
      • Dual finish capabilities

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