• LeeTran Administration & Operations Building, Fort Myers, Florida
  • LeeTran Administration & Operations Building, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Tarpon Springs Public Safety Building, FL, USA; Gee & Jenson Engineers Architects Planners Inc., USA
  • 350 IR Entrances
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350/500 IR Entrances

  • 3-1/2" (88.9mm) sightline or 5" (127mm) sightline
  • 1-3/4" (44.5mm) depth
  • Non-thermal performance
  • Blast mitigation, hurricane resistance
  • Meets Florida Building Code TAS-202 Standard
  • Moderate to high traffic application

Product Features


350/500 IR Entrances provide extra strength for schools, institutions and other high traffic applications where codes require windborne debris protection, Florida Building Code TAS-202 Standards or blast mitigation protection.


Kawneer provides a single-source solution to the growing need for hurricane resistant products in Eastern and Gulf Coast states from New York through Texas. IR 500/501 Framing Systems and 350/500 IR Entrances are large missile impact resistant, fully tested and easy to fabricate and install. In addition, IR 501T and IR 501UT Framing provides improved thermal performance to increase energy efficiency by employing IsoLock™ thermal breaks. Our hurricane resistant framing systems are designed and engineered for single-span storefronts, low- to mid-rise ribbon window and punched opening applications.


  • 350 IR medium stile has 3-1/2" (88.9) vertical stiles, 3-1/2" (88.9) top and 6-1/2" (165.1) bottom rails
  • 500 IR wide stile has 5" (127) vertical stile, 5" (127) top and 6-1/2" (165.1) bottom rail
  • Door is 1-3/4" (44.5) deep
  • Dual moment welded corner construction
  • Single acting
  • Square stops for 9/16" (14.3) or 1" (25.4) glazing infill for use with Kuraray SentryGlas® dry glazing
  • Offset pivots, butt hinges or continuous geared hinge
  • MS locks and 3-point locks or exit device hardware
  • Surface mounted or concealed closers
  • Architects Classic push/pulls
  • Adjustable astragal utilizing pile weathering with polymeric fin at meeting stiles
  • Polymeric bulb weatherstripping in door frames
  • Permanodic® anodized finishes in seven choices
  • Painted finishes in standard and custom choices
  • Water performance option (Non-ADA)

Optional Features

  • Paneline® / Paneline® MEL exit device (Hurricane Resistant applications only) 
  • Square stops with interior silicone seal for 9/16" (14.3) glazing infill
  • Square stops with 3M® VHB interior tape for 9/16" (14.3) or 1" (25.4) glazing infill
  • Variety of bottom rails and horizontal cross rails

A Watertight Option from Kawneer

Introducing the 350/500 IR Water Performance Option

Kawneer’s enhanced 350/500 IR Entrances with the new Water Performance Option are high performing, aluminum hurricane impact doors that meet the latest requirements of the Florida Building Code TAS-202 Standard. 


The Water Performance Option is comprised of a pile weathering top seal on the frame, meeting stile covers on the door stiles and a unique threshold dam that can be installed ahead of heavy rains, hurricanes or storms. The 12 PSF Water Performance feature is a market leader, allowing you to be fully prepared for such extreme natural events.


When it comes to hurricane impact doors, there is no better protective barrier against the wettest and windiest conditions. Order the enhanced Kawneer 350/500 IR Water Performance Option today. 


For more information, please contact the Architectural Services Team or your sales representative.

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