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  • Baylor All Saints Medical Center, Fort Worth, TX; Architect: Gideon Toal, Inc. Fort Worth, TX
  • 1600 SS (Screw Spline) Curtain Wall - Captured System
  • 1600 SS (Screw Spline) Curtain Wall - SSG System
  • 1600 SS (Screw Spline) Curtain Wall mullion detail
  • 1600 SS (Screw Spline) Curtain Wall,  SSG mullion detail
  • 1600 SS (Pre-glazed) Curtain Wall
  • Detail of 1600 SS (Pre-glazed) Curtain Wall  - Stack Horizontal
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1600 SS Curtain Wall System

  • 2-1/2" (63.5mm) sightlines
  • 6" (152.4mm) or 7-1/2" (190.5mm) depth
  • Thermal performance
  • Structural silicone glazed (SSG) options
  • Blast mitigation
  • Seismic (AAMA 501.4 standards)

Product Features

Where faster installation and performance meet


As budgets continue to tighten and construction schedules become more stringent, the demands for high quality products, fast installation, simplified fabrication, superior performance and design flexibility have increased. Kawneer’s 1600 SS Curtain Wall systems and 1600 SS (Pre-glazed) Curtain Wall System offer a screw spline solution engineered to answer those demands and more. Offered in both stock lengths and/or fabricated, glazing contractors can benefit from the flexibility of providing fabrication and pre-glazing under controlled conditions in their own shop.


1600 SS Curtain Wall

With screw spline joinery, the product can be pre-assembled, joint sealed and delivered to the job site and installed as larger units, minimizing the installation in the field.


1600 SS (Pre-glazed) Curtain Wall

An expansion horizontal allows fully pre-glazed units (less pressure plates and covers) to be stacked on top of each other for a true unitized curtain wall option.


Key Features Include:

  • 1600 SS is an outside glazed captured or SSG curtain wall system
  • 1600 SS has 2-1/2" (63.5) sightlines
  • Standard 6" (152.4) or 7-1/2" (190.5) depth systems
  • Infill options up to 1-1/8" (28.6)
  • A pre-glazed option, (unitzed curtain wall) is also available
  • Perimeter seal can be installed at the pressure plate or mullion shoulder
  • 1600 SS can be supplied fabricated and knocked down (KD) or in stock lengths
  • Interlocking mullion design to eliminate need for anit-buckling clips
  • Concealed fastener joinery creates smooth, monolithic appearance
  • EPDM gaskets and thermal break
  • Screw spline joinery method allowing for shop assembly
  • Corners available with shear block fabrication method
  • Offers integerated entrance framing systems
  • Silicone compatible glazing materials for long-lasting seals
  • Two color option
  • Permanodic® anodized finishes in 7 choices
  • Painted finishes in standard and custom choices


Optional Features

  • Captured system thermal separator can be pre-installed into pressure plate
  • Captured and SSG systems integrate with concealed GLASSvent® windows
  • Profit$Maker® Plus fabrication tooling die sets available
  • Captured system Integrates with standard Kawneer windows
  • Deep and bullnose covers available


Product Applications

  • Ideal for low to mid-rise applications where high performance is desired
  • It also is the right choice when it is desired to perform most of the assembly in the shop rather than the field

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