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      • Princess Park, ON, Canada; Karp Narnisniak Yamamoto Architects Inc., ON, Canada
      • 7500 Wall® curtain wall
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      7500 Wall® Curtain Wall System

      • 2-1/2" (63.5mm) sightline
      • 6-5/16" (160.3mm) or 7-5/16" (185.7mm) depth
      • Ultra thermal performance
      • Outside glazed

      Product Features

      7500 Wall® curtain wall from Kawneer is the complete performer in all conditions.  Whether the application is curtain wall, ground floor framing or strip windows, it offers added design freedom along with real reduction in energy usage.


      With Kawneer’s 24mm and 49mm IsoWeb® thermal break combined with double or triple glazing, 7500 Wall® curtain wall meets both energy and building code requirements. Significant savings in HVAC capital costs and annual energy costs can be realized.


      The exceptional thermal performance of 7500 Wall® curtain wall leads to more design opportunities with the possibility of increased allowable glass areas. And with the flexibility of a three-piece system, dual finish options can be considered. Exterior covers can be finished differently from the interior framing.


      7500 Wall® curtain wall from Kawneer provides uncompromising design and uncompromising energy efficiency.

      Key Features Include:


      • Incorporates high performance IsoWeb™ thermal break
      • Accommodates various infills, including triple glazed insulating glass units
      • Allows two-color design options
      • Fully pressure equalized, rain screen design
      • Excellent air and water performance
      • Profile is 2-1/2" (63.5)
      • U-factor up to 0.98 W/m² x °C (Equivalent US units are 0.17 BTU/hr x ft² x °F)
      • Door adapters for 260, 360 and 560 Insulclad™ Thermal Entrances

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