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      • Etisalat Building, Fujairah, UAE; The Webb Zurafa Menkes Housden Partnership, Canada
      • Custom Curtain Wall
      • Far Eastern Plaza, Taiwan: P&T Architects and Eng. Ltd., Hong Kong, C. Y. Lee Partners, Taiwan
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      Custom Curtain Wall System

      • Looking for a custom configuration?
      • Contact Architectural Services or your Local Sales Manager for details

      Product Features

      Kawneer provides custom design, shop drawings, structural engineering, product testing, project management, extruding, finishing, fabricating, and supply of glazing systems. From aluminum billet to building, we remain one of the few suppliers that still offer responsibility throughout all these steps as a supplier of glazing solutions. 


      Monumental Projects, like those shown in our Featured Projects section of our web site, would not be possible without our partners.

      Working closely with architects, suppliers and sub-contractors ensure a working relationship that leads to quality installations all

      over the world. 

      Key Features Include:


      • Selected for the world’s most recognized buildings
      • Engineering and design expertise
      • Worldwide manufacturing and distribution
      • Established leadership in major applications around the world

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