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FG 623 Window Wall

  • 2-1/4" (57.2mm) sightline
  • 6" (152.4mm) depth
  • Thermal performance
  • Hurricane resistance
  • Fixed ribbon window wall application

Product Features

Responding to the need for quality control, simplified fabrication and faster installation, Kawneer has designed FG 623, a ribbon window and multilite punched opening system with preglaze capability, labor-savings and unit construction.



Key Features Include:

• FG 623 is an inside glazed system
• 2-1/4" sight line with standard 6" system depth
• Optional IsoLock™ lanced pour and debridged thermal break
• Screw spline and shear block fabrication and joinery
• Infill options of 1/4" and 1"
• Silicone compatible glazing materials for long lasting seals
• Corner members are available for 90° and 135° applications
• Incorporates expansion verticals as required
• FG 623 has been large missile impact and cycle tested
• FG 623 is for stock length sales
• Permanodic™ anodized finishes in 7 choices
• Painted finishes in standard and custom choices

Optional Features

• Integrates with standard Kawneer windows

Product Applications

• Ribbon windows
• Ideal for single and multi-lite punched openings



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