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Thermal Performance

Hurricane Resistance

Blast Mitigation

Sightline (inches)

Door Stile Width

Traffic Flow

Application Height

System Depth (inches)

AAMA Class. - Wdw/Dr.

Window Configuration

Glazing Method

Glass Plane

Glazing Installation

Glazing Infill

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      Ensuring that modern structures are outfitted with façade solutions strong enough to tolerate the wear and tear of everyday life helps create buildings that endure for decades. Doors need to handle the daily coming and going of their occupants as well as the elemental impact of the seasons. We offer multiple entrance solutions that stand up to repetitive abuse and heavy traffic.


      For most buildings, doors also serve as part of the first layer of protection against threats, both manmade and natural. Kawneer can offer engineered solutions to protect people and property against a range of blast events, hurricanes, and violent storms. Responding to these challenges, we offer single source responsibility and solutions to fit a variety of needs with a comprehensive group of hurricane resistant and blast mitigating products to help protect the safety of our buildings’ occupants.  


      Watch our Spotlight Series: Enhancing Protection in Education Buildings with Strong, Durable Products to LEARN MORE

      To determine which product may be most suitable for your project, refer to our Product Selection Guide.



      Complete systems of door, frame and hardware, designed and engineered to create total performance.

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