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      Kawneer Finishes

      Consider your options, Kawneer finishes enhance, protect and endure.  The market for architectural aluminum products demands a greater variety of finish types and colors than ever before.  Kawneer offers anodized, painted or powder coated finishes in a wide range of color choices. The items below are designed to assist you in your choice of architectural aluminum finishes.

      Architectural Manual Section

      Architectural Manual: Finishes Section [236KB]

      General Cleaning Information [108KB]

      Anodized Finishes - Color Chart

      Anodized Finishes Chart [136KB]

      Liquid Paint - Color Charts

      Permadize® Hardcoat Finishes - 50% Kynar [355KB]

      Permafluor™ Architectural Coating - 70% PVDF [89KB]

      Powder Paint - Color Charts

      Permacoat™ Powder Coatings [100KB]

      Note: Permacoat (powder coat) finishes do not apply to TR- and NX- series products, contact your local sales representative for alternatives.

      Viewing documents in PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download from the Adobe Web site.

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