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Defending against Damage and Devastation…
There is growing list of East Coast and Gulf Coast states that mandate the use of impact resistant products in Wind-Borne Debris Regions.  The need to protect property and people from hurricanes and violent storms has become a crucial requirement in the construction industry.

As coastal populations and development increase, the threat of injuries, deaths and damage to property during hurricanes and violent storms has intensified. A major cause of property damage and injury is the penetration of the building envelope by wind-borne debris caused by powerful wind, relentless rain and internal/external pressure changes. Responding to these challenges, we offer single source responsibility and solutions to fit your needs with a comprehensive group of hurricane resistant products. These products not only withstand the wrath of hurricanes and storms but provide increased security throughout the year.
Our range of hurricane resistant products have been independently tested and received  Florida Product Approvals (FL #s) and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI #s). Products continue to be tested and submitted to for additional product approvals. 
Our hurricane resistant products meet the testing standards for Wind-Borne Debris as set forth in ASTM E 1886 and 1996, and Florida Building Code (FBC) Protocols TAS 201, TAS 202 and TAS 203. A growing list of states throughout the East Coast and Gulf Coast Areas of the United States from New York to Texas continue to reference these standards in current building codes. These codes mandate the use of hurricane resistant products in Wind-Borne Debris Regions.


International Building Code
Large/Small Impact Tests
Florida Building Code Basics

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Our Hurricane Resistant Products:

  • Minimize vulnerability to penetration by wind-borne debris
  • Reduce the chain of destruction in hurricanes and violent storm conditions
  • Offer single source responsibility
  • Provide the quality and reliability that comes with decades of experience
  • Create added confidence for building owners

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Hurricane Web Links
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Florida Product Approval Documents (FL) and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Documents

Florida Product Approval Documents (FL) - (rule 9B-72 for Statewide Approval) and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) product evaluation documents.


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