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  • Vandenberg Hall - Air force Academy - (Cadet Dormitories)
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Blast Resistant Information


Protecting Building Occupants From the Effects of Bomb Blasts.

With years of engineering experience and data collected from Open Air Arena Blast Testing, Kawneer can offer engineered solutions to protect against a range of blast events.


Watch our Building Peace of Mind with Blast Mitigation Solutions video on YouTube or our K-News page.

View Blast Mitigation Overview Brochure

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Product Offering:
Kawneer offers engineered solutions for Entrances, Framing, Curtain Walls and Windows. With engineering, analysis and data compiled from our own Open Air Arena Blast Tests conducted per ASTM F 1642-04 at a peak overpressure of 6 psi and a positive phase impulse of 42 psi-msec., we are ready to address the needs of your Blast Resistant project.

Download list of Kawneer products that received open air arena or shock tube blast testing  (PDF)

Download Blast Mitigation Window Product Selection Guide (PDF)

When and Why:

As mandated per:

  • General Services Administration (GSA/ISC)
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • FBI
  • Veterans Affairs (VA)

Products that meet these standards include glazed systems designed to protect the occupants of a building from flying glass fragments as a result of a bomb blast event. Blast resistant products consist of laminated glass infill within standard aluminum frames anchored to the surrounding building.  To see more detail download the Blast Resistant Standards/Criteria Overview below.


Download Blast Resistant Standards / Criteria Overview (PDF 107kb)



Threat Assessment Information


In order for Kawneer to properly perform a product design review and/or bid request for any project requiring compliance with GSA/ISC, DoD, FBI or VA, the Threat Assessment Information must be established prior to the design review.  Click on the link below to download a Threat Assessment Information Checklist. Avoid unnecessary delays by filling out the simple form prior to contacting Kawneer for a product design review.


Download Threat Assessment Checklist

Videos of Full Scale Arena Test Blast
View the slow motion video of Impact on Test Unit - Part 1
View the slow motion video of Impact on Test Unit - Part 2

Download CAD and Specifications Details for Blast Mitigation Products

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