Merging a slim, sleek sightline with advanced thermal performance and seismic testing, the 1620UT/1620UT SSG Curtain Wall System touts a powerful combination of features.

Built on the success of the 1600UT Curtain Wall platform and a narrow 2" (50.8 mm) sightline, the system delivers high thermal performance, versatility and reliability, making It an excellent choice for low- to mid-rise applications in climates where high thermal performing and seismic-tested façades are needed.

The 1620UT/1620UT SSG Curtain Wall System features an engineered polymer thermal separator and accommodates 1" double-pane and 1-3/4" triple-pane insulating glass. The curtain wall integrates seamlessly with other high thermal performing windows and doors from Kawneer to create a complete, advanced, thermally efficient solution for commercial buildings.

Tested to US and Canadian standards and featuring a slimmed-down sightline, the 1620UT/1620UT SSG Curtain Wall System allows occupants to see more and stay comfortable all year round, whatever the weather brings.




The 1620UT Curtain Wall System offers a traditional captured look or a two- sided vertical SSG mullion solution that permits greater uninterrupted sightlines while providing enhanced thermal performance. To create flush and unbroken sightlines, both systems use concealed fasteners in their joinery construction.

Mullion depth options provide both aesthetic design and structural range flexibility. Choices of 90° and 135° are available for corner mullion conditions.

For the finishing touch – Architectural Class I anodized aluminum finishes are available in clear and color choices. Painted finishes, including fluoropolymer, that meet AAMA 2605 standards and solvent- free powder coatings that meet AAMA 2604 standards are available in a variety of color choices.


Installation time and effort are minimized in a number of ways:

  • Installers can leverage their knowledge of fabrication and installation methods for the 1600 curtain wall platform.
  • Straight cuts without notching simplify fabrication.
  • A pre-engineered rain screen pressure-equalized (RSPE) back pan option is available that uses easy-to-install spandrel adapters.



The 1620UT/1620UT SSG Curtain Wall System exceeds current building codes for thermal transmittance energy requirements in North America. The U-factors range from 0.30-0.32 when using glazing with a 0.24 CoG value, and U-factor from 0.18-0.22 with 0.12 CoG value. The 1620UT/1620UT SSG has also been independently tested to AAMA 501.4 and 501.6 seismic protocols to meet your building movement code requirements.

The system achieved static and dynamic water infiltration performance of up to 20 psf.


Multiple thermal performance levels can be achieved with different infill types and system type selections.

  • *U-factor values are simulated applying NFRC sizes and procedures using insulating glass units with warm-edge spacers having effective thermal conductivity (Keff) of 0.28 W/m.K (0.16 Btu/hr.ft.F). This chart is for general illustration purposes only. Please refer to thermal charts in the Kawneer architectural detail manual on for additional information.


1620UT Curtain Wall not only enhances thermal performance, but also provides best-in-class condensation resistance.



Air Infiltration

ASTM E283; NFRC 400; TAS 202


ASTM E547, E331; TAS 202

Severe Wind-Driven Rain, Level 10

AMA 520

Structural – Uniform Wind Load

ASTM E330; TAS 202

Thermal Transmittance – U-Factor

AAMA 1503, 507; NFRC 100

Condensation Resistance (CRF, I, CR)

AAMA 1503; CSA A440.2; NFRC 500

Overall Solar Heat Gain (SHGC, VT)

AAMA 507; NFRC 200

Acoustical (STC & OITC)

ASTM E90, E1425; AAMA 1801


AAMA 501.4, 501.6

Thermal simulations showing temperature variations from exterior/cold side to interior/warm side.



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