A window that keeps what’s on the outside out, while maintaining occupant comfort on the inside is a valuable commodity. The AA™6400/6500/6600 Thermal Window delivers superior thermal and water performance and excellent condensation resistance while meeting challenges of northern climates. A fusion of beauty, strength and functionality, the AA™6400/6500/6600 Thermal Window enhances any application – new and retrofit construction – while delivering architectural aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.
performance THERMAL
The window accommodates 1" (25 mm) or 1-3/4" (44.5 mm) insulating glass units combined with a polyamide thermal break for enhanced thermal performance. The structural aspects of the product are also enhanced through the polyamide thermal break connecting the exterior portion of the frame to the interior portion. This technology permits composite action, thus achieving greater load resistance while still offering design flexibility. Additionally, the “top hat” accent feature of the AA™6500/6600 Thermal Window provides a deeper 5" and 6" frame for thicker wall construction and greater structural capability.

Superior thermal efficiency also makes the window a good choice for buildings seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification with the U.S. and Canadian Green Building Councils.
performance MOISTURE
The high-performing 4" (101.6 mm) deep AA™6400 Thermal Window, 5" (127 mm) deep AA™6500 Thermal Window and 6" (152.4 mm) deep AA™6600 Thermal Window achieve a superb condensation index (I value) and thermal transmittance (U-factor). The advanced design provides the ability to interface with air and vapor barriers to ensure the continuity of the seal at the window perimeter.

Additionally, the AA™6400/6500/6600 Thermal Window has a pressure equalized cavity and a rain screen design that deters water infiltration.

Since the windows are made from aluminum, they will never rot, warp or buckle due to moisture and weather exposure. Because they attain outstanding condensation resistance, the window is ideal for healthcare and education applications where condensation and mold are significant concerns.
Thermal simulations showing temperature variations from exterior/cold side to interior/warm side of AA™6400 Thermal Window.
Color Legend
Fixed window with 1" performance insulating glass
swing out
Casement swing out window with 1" high performance insulating glass
Kawneer’s AA™6400/6500/6600 Thermal Window offer the versatility in design and the high performance required for today‘s building applications. Whether it is the overall flush appearance provided by the AA™6400 Thermal Window with its extreme frontal placement of glass or the distinctive “top hat” accent feature of the AA™6500/6600 Thermal Window, beauty never has to be sacrificed for functionality. 

The operable vents have 45° mitered corners, which give the window a smooth and attractive appearance. A dual color option offers the flexibility to vary interior and exterior finishes, enabling designers to coordinate and accent multiple environments. Stylish hardware options include Euro-groove multipoint locking, roto operators, cam handles, pole rings, access control locks and stainless steel 4-bar hinges or concealed hinges.
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