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Whether renovation or new construction, explore a myriad of building façade applications across industries, including healthcare, education, government buildings, stadiums and sports facilities, office building, multi-family housing and retail construction.

Featured Projects

Learn more about how our products have met design and engineering challenges on many well known and inspiring projects throughout North America. 


Beautiful solutions delivering the performance and aesthetics required by today’s multifamily and mixed-use applications.


Today’s K-12 and higher-education buildings need smart solutions that can provide a healthy, productive learning environment for our future leaders.


Our solutions not only promote better health among patients, families and staff, they also contribute to a healthier bottom line.


From libraries, to community centers, to government offices, security is a top priority for occupants, and securing a positive reflection of the community is important to local residents.

Retail/Corporate ID

Flexible and versatile solutions that allow light in and enhance the shoppers’ experience.

Arts & Leisure

Solutions that inspire excitement, relaxation, and exploration for the people inside.

Commercial/Office Space

Smart solutions that inspire infinite design possibilities and reflect the people inside.

Sports Facilities

Our products are like great athletes - rigorously tested to meet high performance standards.


Committed to providing high performing, sustainable solutions and challenging the status quo – all while practicing social and environmental responsibility.


Our products help give buildings a new lease on life. Whether it’s time to integrate modern technology and energy efficient products while retaining the history of the building or giving the façade a whole new look, we are ready to meet the challenge.

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