Institutional Solutions

Healthcare facilities require an environment that is designed for healing as well as operational efficiency. Kawneer’s healthy solutions not only promote better health among patients, families and staff, they also contribute to a healthier bottom line. Kawneer’s products and systems can help reduce energy consumption and costs, which is critical given the fact that healthcare facilities consume nearly twice the annual energy of an average office building.3 Our sustainable products and solutions can contribute to LEED points across several categories and help healthcare facilities achieve certification, resulting in LEED-certified hospitals that use as much as 35% less energy than an average hospital.4

Indoor air quality is also a crucial consideration for healthcare facilities where germs can be easily transmitted and there are variable temperature needs. Kawneer offers products that are engineered to promote superior ventilation throughout healthcare facilities, resulting in better air circulation. In addition, sunlight in healthcare facilities is associated with substantial reductions in medical costs as lighter, brighter rooms help patients experience less pain and have shorter hospital stays. Kawneer’s solutions for healthcare facilities help to strengthen the link between the quality of the environment and a healthier outcome.

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4. Sue Wasserman. “LEEDing the Charge in Hospital Design.”

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