Kawneer UK Ltd is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of architectural aluminium systems

Kawneer’s Manufacturing Process

At our Runcorn manufacturing facility we extrude, add thermal breaks and finally powder coat the aluminium systems – watch this short film to see the ‘end to end’ process.


At Kawneer, we have developed leading-edge production techniques to ensure that manufacturing efficiency is optimised and environmental impact is minimised. Our right-first-time quality management systems have been devised to minimise waste and exceed the requirements of current ISO 9001 standards.


Aluminium Extrusion – We firstly heat the aluminium billet before we load it onto the extrusion press. The required profile is then extruded through a die and left to cool. We then ensure the profile is perfectly straight through a stretching technique. Profiles are subsequently cut to the specified length and go through an age hardening process to improve strength. Kawneer manufactures around 1500 individual profiles.


Thermal Break Application – To create the thermal break, we roll two profiles together, in single or twin colour configurations, and insert a polyamide strip to form the thermal barrier, providing extremely effective protection against condensation.


Paint Stage – Profiles are placed on a racking system and transported to the pre-treatment area on a monorail system. They are then submerged in various pre-treatment tanks and then spray painted through our paint booth with a resin-based polyester powder paint. Profiles continue through a curing oven that melts the paint to ensure an overall coating is achieved. Once they exit the curing ovens, profiles are left to cool, prior to inspection for coating thickness and gloss reading.


Fabrication – Kawneer 190 Narrow Style and 350 Heavy Duty door systems are cut and prepared on CNC machinery, then assembled, welded and painted, before the bead and hardware are installed. The doors are then packed for delivery.


Packing Stage – Our products are spiral wrapped through a wrapping machine. They are then palletised by loading into stillages and stored in warehouse racks in readiness for despatch.


Delivery – Products are loaded onto trailers within our warehouse and shipped out to our dealer network.

Installation – Kawneer’s highly trained and experienced dealers fabricate all profiles (excl. 190/350 door systems), before they are shipped to site and installed on the building in question.


Extrusion-Thermal Break-Paint Racking-Installation
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