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Primrose Hill Project, Erskine Road, London
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Primrose Hill Project, Erskine Road, London

29 March, 2022


One of the most significant challenges architects can face is regenerating an area full of personality, but in desperate need of renovation. The challenge can be even more demanding if the project involves changing the purpose of the site. But that's precisely what the architects in charge of the Primrose Hill project in London, had to face.

With a project value of approximately £16m this project required a highly sensitive design solution to address a complicated urban context involving 28 neighbouring residential and commercial properties.

The transformation visioned by PKS Architects, and developed by main contractor Knight Harwood, involved converting some of the buildings into high-quality apartments and high-specification offices using Kawneer's solutions. The task was immense and involved six neighbouring commercial properties. The goal was achieved using multiple high-performance Kawneer products.


Through site-specific technical visits and studies, Kawneer specified and costed various façade packages and options.

The lack of natural light was one of the many problems that needed to be rectified. It was solved using Kawneer’s AA®100 sloped rooflights. Additionally, GT70S windows were specified to replicate the building's original steel windows to compliment the building aesthetics. For the entrance and balcony doors, the chosen product solution was Kawneer’s AA®720 doors with Glass Balustrading, thanks to the products superior aesthetics and thermal performance. For the curtain wall specification, the natural choice was AA®100 SSG, since it has smooth and seamless glass-to-glass joints without external capping.


The resulting specification helps to enhance the aesthetics of the building façade and increase the energy performance of the building whilst meeting the cost requirements of the build with Kawneer’s market-leading product range.

Shortlisted in the 2017 BREEAM Awards, this development sustainably refurbishes and reimagines a group of six buildings to create 3,500m² of high specification office space and four new luxury flats.

The impressive results haven't gone unnoticed. The Primrose Hill project won the 2020 GGP's Best Commercial Installation, by Kawneer’s customer and specialist facade subcontractor, JPJ Installations Ltd.

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